Great team leaders are madeβ€”not born.

Who is Mike Hohnen?

I inspire good managers to become great team leaders. It's a passion of mine. You will understand why once you have heard my story.



Introducing the three keys to becoming an even better team leader.

Introduction to the
Service Profit Chain


Understand the principles of the Service Profit Chain model. Having this mindset is the foundation of all the best service organisations.


The Team Leader's Toolbox


From team manager to team leader, here are practical tools and valuable insights on how to improve your day-to-day leadership.


GROW Coaching Program


Learning is social. Share real-life challenges in your coaching group or get weekly feedback e-mails from me to help you stay on track.


"Mike is a unique and inspiring teacher and facilitator. He combines a lifelong hands-on experience in the service industry with a sharp commercial insight on what drives our business and industry, and an emotional intelligent approach to working with people at all levels."

Christian Lauritzen
Head of Group Learning & Development, ISS A/S

What is The Service Profit Chain?

Those successful service organizations that we all admire so much—what’s their secret? How do they do it?

Actually, they don’t have a secret formula at all.

It’s a well-documented philosophy called the Service Profit Chain—a bottom-up approach that rests on three key elements: Customer Loyalty, perceived Value and having the Dream Team.

As manager and team leader, you need to know what it means. Why is it important now more than ever before? How would you implement it in your daily operation?


How do you progress from being a good manager to becoming a great team leader?

Great team leadership is reflected in your followers and members. Are they enthusiastic about their job and the team? Do they show commitment?

As a team, do you achieve the results you dream of? The Team Leader’s Toolbox will help you build key leadership competencies so that you can say Yes! to all of these questions.

Ready to take your team to the next level?


Why do high-performing people have a coach? Do they really need one?

Yes. People who want to get really good—those who want to ensure that they continue to improve—work with a coach. Just look around you—musicians, athletes, actors. Anywhere where performance matters, it’s a must.

The GROW Coaching model is a well-documented format for helping you improve in any area. Rest assured that Mike will tailor the program so that it suits your needs, time frame, ambition and budget in the best possible way.

Check it out now. Even better, let's have a chat—for FREE—and explore how it will work for you.


Is your team future-proof?

Firstly, that depends on the current state of the team; i.e., how your members feel about working on your team.

Secondly, it depends on the quality of the team leader.

Survey your team and get answers to both conditions.

How to Assess Team Performance

Research shows exactly what the key drivers of sustainable team success are. Fill in the form and I will share them with you. Afterward, you can give the test to your team and see how well your members are doing.


50% DONE

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