"The team is the sun, the moon, and the stars of our experience at work.

It's not about employer branding. If you want to attract great employees, make sure you have great team leaders."

— Marcus Buckingham

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Improve your teams performance

Learn how to use the team performance model

The path to developing a well-performing team starts with you. Your understanding of and skill in applying a simple team performance model is the key to making a dramatic difference.

Do you ever finish up the day or the week, for that matter - not only exhausted but, more importantly, deeply frustrated?
Once again, it has been a week of herding cats while the pressure from 'upstairs' is just building steam.

It can feel as futile as pedalling a water bike in a strong headwind.

You ask yourself for the umpteenth time: There has got to be an easier way to manage a team.

The answer is YES

There is an easier way to do his.

It's not about changing or improving them; we just need to approach the task differently.

We must manage the team in a way the makes sense to them.

This is a subtle but all-important shift that so many managers never really master.

You see, we all do what we do because it makes sense. If it does not make sense, we will be reluctant to the point of even refusing to do something. Just pause and think for a moment. How much energy and engagement are you willing to commit to something that does not make sense to you?

See what I mean?

When a team or individuals on the team underperform, it is often because something is not making sense to them.

According to psychologists, we all try and make sense of situations in the same way. We ask our selves four questions. And we always ask them in the same order: why, who, what and how.

If the answer to just one of these is unclear, we will be reluctant to commit going forward, and our performance and/or willingness to collaborate will suffer accordingly.

There is a straightforward structure to managing a team that takes care of the: why, who, what and how that you need to learn and practice. Once you get it, you will see a dramatic shift in performance and engagement.

I am more than happy to share this with you because I genuinely believe it is life-changing, not just for you as the manager but also for the people you manage.

I have created a free mini-course that explains how this model works - and I would like to invite you to check it out. Many  before you have told me it was life-changing for them to understand exactly how this works

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"I have used Mike for the past ten years in coaching and training my management teams to reach the highest level of service and obtain the best leadership skills – and it works. Mike is very much hands-on and also great for individual coaching as he keeps things simple and easy to understand and practice."

Dorte Gleie
Managing Director SSP Denmark

"Mike is a unique and inspiring teacher and facilitator. He combines a lifelong hands-on experience in the service industry with a sharp commercial insight on what drives our business and industry, and an emotional intelligent approach to working with people at all levels."

Christian Lauritzen
Head of Group Learning & Development, ISS A/S

"Mike is a very rewarding and enthusiastic person to work with. I have had the honour of knowing Mike for years and he has never stopped surprising me with his huge knowledge and eagerness to constantly learn and develop even more. His approach challenges and makes people develop and change forever."

Berit K. Leth
General Manager, Hotel KolleKolle

"The GROW (Coaching program) has been a life-changing experience, not only for me as a manager but also as a person. Because this course is just as much about personal development as it teaches leadership skills. By far the best leadership program I’ve taken and I strongly recommend it to everyone who gets the chance to participate."

Julia Vasilis
Informationschef/Director of Communications, Liseberg

"We have used Mike Hohnen for the training of all our staff in how to work with Service Profit Chain. I give Mike Hohnen my warmest recommendations—it works!"

Peder J. Madsen
General Manager, Hotel Koldingfjord

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