A Manifesto for Great Service Leadership

I believe that⁠—

  • Customer loyalty is the key to building a great service business with growth and strong profits.
  • Marketing is not a department. It is the way we do things consistently, touch point by touch point, day after day.
  • Employee engagement drives exceptional customer experience.
  • At any level, the team leader is crucial to engagement. Most managers, including the CEO, are also team leaders—never forget that.
  • Good managers are not automatically great team leaders. Being a great team leader is a learned skill.
  • Bad leadership that is not addressed is the invisible drag that slows growth and profits.
  • Bad team leaders represent a considerable hidden cost. They cause increased staff turnover and decreased customer satisfaction—the kiss of death in the service business.
  • Bad team leaders spend far too little effort in coaching their managers on the leadership aspect of the job. Bad team leaders assume that their managers will work it out, which is a common but irresponsible practice.

It's time that we improve ourselves and focus on the things that matter. That's why I do what I do: Inspiring good managers to become great team leaders.

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Mike Hohnen, MBA is a coach, trainer, author and public speaker who supports leaders, managers and their teams in implementing the principles of the Service Profit Chain.


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