How Do YOU Handle the Hardest Part of Being a Team Leader?

I don't mean developing vision and strategies by setting Big Hairy Audacious Goals—because none of that makes much sense just now.

In the current climate, the key to your leadership is how well you are able to hold the space.

Let me explain:

Operating in a complex environment per definition means that the core challenge is uncertainty.

Depending on our personal temperament, we handle uncertainty differently. For most of us, a bit of uncertainty is thrilling. It spices up our life. The butterflies in one’s stomach on a first date—who would have been without that? But, the will I have food on the table tomorrow feeling—if you have ever tried it—is not something you are ever eager to repeat.

When we are overwhelmed by too much uncertainty, it triggers fear, as well as our fight-flight-freeze response. As a consequence, only vital functions are operational. There are no resources left for creativity, problem solving and all that good stuff that we...

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