It's not a cool New Year's resolution, better plans or more goals that are going to make a success of the coming year for you

The only thing that will make a difference is courage - The courage to act.

In a complex world - there are no given solutions - just an incredible lot of unknown variables. The only way to work out what works is to try.

Do something!.

But taking action requires courage

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Micro Coaching will give you:

  • Clarity and focus
  • Keep you on track when you drift 
  • Support and encouragement when you most need it
  • Challenge your habitual way of thinking
  • Feedback that may offer surprising perspectives
  • Help you to reflect on and learn from your  experience 
  • Someone to test your thinking and ideas with

Ultimately you will  accomplish more and feel a whole lot better  

3 Months 

Micro Coaching 



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Micro Coaching


You get almost 3 months free

You have nothing to loose

The first step is to secure your seat without cost or obligation. I want you to think carefully because once you commit - you commit - that is the whole point of the exercise.

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Emma L.

Head of Department

Swedish Police

"The coaching has been the number one feature to me. Mike is really good at making complicated things easy to understand. "

Annika Wileen,

Head of Project Department. Liseberg

"The weekly coaching sessions give structure to my work as a leader. I now have a clear strategy for the coming week with a better focus on my priorities. "

Alex Boloueau

Head of Highways and Airport,

COWI India

"I highly recommend this coaching for all the information, wisdom and expertise Mike brings."

If not now when?

Honestly, I cant think of a better way to get a flying start on 2021!

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