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Thoughts4Action Courses

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The foundational course for managers and team leaders. Understand how the best service companies in the world do what they do.

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Understand how key leadership skills will make your team perform better and your job a lot easier and much more fun.

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Obtain targeted reflection, feedback, and support to become a great team leader.

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A collection of interactive workshops for team leaders and their teams to explore and learn from. Mike presents the material in a video. You facilitate your own discussion—with a little help from Mike.

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Service Værdikæde er fundamentet i den moderne service virksomhed. Alle med bare det mindste lederansvar bør forstå konceptet til bunds. Kan kombineres med en Mike-in-a-box workshop.

Kommer snart—

Det kendte kursus kan nu tages virtuelt. Du arbejder 1:1 til med Mike.

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