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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more on what the GROW Coaching program has in store for you, your team, and your business.

First, we define your challenge during our initial video call—what you would like to work with and why.

After that, you will send me an e-mail each week where you answer four questions:

  1. What part of your challenge have you been working on this week?
  2. What did you observe?
  3. What did you learn?
  4. What are you going to focus on this coming week?

When I get your weekly reflection, I record a feedback video for you with my thoughts and ideas on what you have brought up in your reflection. I will probably also ask you a few more questions to think about.

Every fourth week, we have a video call check-in of around 60 minutes.

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The GROW Coaching program runs over 12 weeks. Your investment is USD 1080 for the whole course (USD 360 per month if you choose monthly payments).

You will also get access to my online Introduction to the Service Profit Chain course—a must-know for all managers.

One of the key factors in making that major shift from being a good manager to becoming a great team leader is having the awareness of your surroundings.

When we're racing through our busy work days on autopilot, we honestly don't notice much most of the time.

This coaching program helps you to, not only notice, but also reflect on what you are noticing. That is where real learning begins. Moreover, I keep you on track with some friendly but firm nudging.

If you are thinking that signing up for the full 12-week GROW Coaching program is a huge step, I totally understand. But then, I suggest you book a video call with me so we can assess what would be better for you to start with.

We can do anything, from just one session to try and answer some of your concerns to two or more sessions to have a feel of the coaching program.

That is the beauty of learning through online coaching; we can do it in exactly the way that works best for you.

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