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I inspire good managers to become great team leaders, it a crucial step if you are serious about the customer experience...

The research is clear - the key factor in developing employee engagement is their relationship with the immediate supervisor.

...and employee engagement is the key factor in developing memorable customer experiences.

In a nut shell

  • the quality of your team leaders will determine the degree of customer loyalty your are able to mobilise.

Who is a team leader?

The default but limited way to think of it, is that it is a front line supervisor - but that is much to narrow a definition.

-in my world anyone who has 2 or more people reporting to them is a team leader.

So the GM of a hotel is a team leader, as is the office manager and the marketing manager.

The higher up the hierarchy you are as a manager the more important your team leadership skills become - because YOU become THE ROLE model for every one else.

Bad team leadership represents a considerable hidden cost, it causes, disengagement, increased staff turnover and decreased customer satisfaction. The kiss of death in the service business.

If you want to attract and keep great employees - at any - level make sure you have great team leaders at every level.

What you can expect from me.

I know what I am talking about

I have 20+ years of hand on experience from the trenches as a GM/CEO managing Hotels, Restaurants and multi unit service operations.

I have the 10.000+ hours on the clock

Since 2001 I have coached and developed hundreds of managers in restaurant, hotels, theme parks. giant laundry companies and the world largest facility management company.

It works

Don't just take my word for it - this is the type of feed back that I get consistently:

"Mike combines personal experience with a deep rooting in theory on service leadership and understands how to adapt this to a specific group and make it relevant and motivating for them to go back and create results. Which they have done each time" - Rasmus Møller, International leadership development partner.

"I have used Mike for the past ten years in coaching and training my management teams to reach the highest level of service and obtain the best leadership skills – and it works. Mike is very much hands - on and also great for individual coaching as he keeps things simple and easy to understand and practice. -Dorte Gleie Managing Director SSP Denmark

What might be helpful to you


I offer 1-1 coaching or team coaching. Face to face or via Zoom What I find works well is to combine coaching with an online elearning program

Training and development of teams and individuals

On site or via Zoom - possibly combined with elearning modules

Inspirational and engaging presentations live or streamed Keynote presentations about the service profit chain Leadership and team development

Workshop Facilitation Team building - no not the rapeling from the cliff side type but through conversation, reflection and understanding of each other - I find it last longer than the ra-ra version.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Team coaching & Development
  • Service Innovation & Service Design
  • MBA – Service Management
  • Leadership & Business Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Service Design Thinking

Lived in: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Switzerland, UK, and South Africa.
Delivered: Coaching, training, and leadership development programs in more than 25 countries.

  • English/Danish: bilingual
  • French: Conversational
  • German: Basic

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