You're in a sea of sameness.

There are many businesses that are similar to yours.
Most people don't even know that your business exists.
The real risk lies in disappearing in an overcrowded market.

Wondering how to stand out from other businesses?
This game changer is for you.
The name of the game is customer loyalty.

Here's why.

Aside from causing repeat business, focusing on customer loyalty also creates vital trusted ambassadors that are going to help spread your message.

Most businesses readily purchase expensive advertising in publications. Some pay to put tons of cheesy stock photos on social media while others shell out for page ranking on search engines. Although tempting to do, these actions deliver pitiful results and cost you a fortune.

The problem is not getting the word out, the problem is being heard.

If you're not heard, you don't exist.

You risk getting caught up in a nasty downward spiral of (1) increasing your advertising, maybe even lowering your price to lure people in, then (2) cutting costs to compensate for the extra advertising expenses and lower price point.

As a result, your core product suffers and you start getting the wrong patrons, people who are only there for a cheap deal. This leads to fewer good customers, and eventually, being out of business.

How did it all start?

During the mid-1990's, I was doing my MBA while being the CEO of a large hospitality business in Cape Town, South Africa. Back then, I needed to understand 365 pages of a book just published by Harvard University called The Service Profit Chain.
Reading The Service Profit Chain was a massive eureka moment for me.
The principles researched and laid out in the book clearly documented that the most successful service companies, regardless of industry, e.g., car rental, insurance, hospitality, all operate according to the same basic formula: customer loyalty is the prime driver of profits and growth across all service sectors. Service businesses that have more loyal customers than their direct competition make more money and grow faster.
Intrigued by this discovery, I applied it to our Cape Town operation, and it was a huge success! After five years, my shareholders cashed out and took home 10 times more than their original investments.
In 2002, I started out on my own, determined to spread the message of the Service Profit Chain to a much wider audience. I was convinced that this way of working could especially benefit small- and medium-sized service businesses that do not have access to huge marketing budgets or central services.
Thus, I developed an approach to explain the Service Profit Chain model in a way that makes sense and is easy to convert into action plans.

"Working with Mike Hohnen over the past two years have brought major improvement of leadership and management skills throughout our management team!"

Stine Gregersen Kold
Director, Hotel Rungstedgaard

"We have used Mike Hohnen for the training of all our staff in how to work with Service Profit Chain. I give Mike Hohnen my warmest recommendations—it works!"

Peder J. Madsen
General Manager, Hotel Koldingfjord

"I have used Mike for the past ten years in training my management teams to reach the highest level of service and obtain the best leadership skills—and it works."

Dorte Gleie
CEO, The Blue Planet – National Aquarium of Denmark

It worked for others. Let's make it work for you, too.

Discover how you can best offer your business with these points:
  • What does it take to move a customer from satisfaction to loyalty?
  • How do your customers perceive value?
  • How does forming a dream team become the foundation for your success?
Understand these key points through video lessons, worksheets and reflection questions that allow you to reassess your business.
Distance yourself from your competitors as you learn how to develop truly loyal customers.
Change the game. Stand out from the crowd.

Choose the option that fits you best.

Grab the opportunity to understand how the fundamentals of the Service Profit Chain model work. Learn how to implement them in your own work situation.


USD 19.00

Six (6) Captivating Training Modules
Twenty-eight (28) Individual Videos
Challenging Reflection Questions


USD 29.00

Six (6) Captivating Training Modules
Twenty-eight (28) Individual Videos
Challenging Reflection Questions
E-mail Feedback from Mike on Your Reflections
E-book Version of Mike's Book Best!


USD 199.00

Six (6) Captivating Training Modules
Twenty-eight (28) Individual Videos
Challenging Reflection Questions
E-mail Feedback from Mike on Your Reflections
E-book Version of Mike's Book Best!
Three (3) Hours of Online Coaching with Mike as You Move through the Course

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