How to Improve Your Own and Your Team's Performance

Whether your primary focus is on your own future career, being a better manager and leader, or getting results for your organization, the first step is the same—know where you are starting from.


The Team Management Profile

You complete a 60-item questionnaire about your fundamental preferences in key areas at work.

The strength and range of your preferences are combined to show where you are on the Team Management Wheel. This enables you to see your job and your career in a new light.

The Team Management Profile is a unique management and team development tool that gives you more perspectives on individual performance, high energy team-working and organizational culture.


Why do we feel motivated by some tasks and not others?

Extensive research shows that role preferences stem from the strength and breadth of an individual's scores across four critical scales.

A personal profile shows how preferences are formed, how strong and stable they are and what it means for how a person does their job and works with others.


Where are you most likely to focus your energies?

The Team Management Profile looks at your complete range of preferences around its unique and extensively researched Types of Work Model. It helps you to see how easily you can operate in areas away from your main preferences.

Team Management Wheel

A Unique Perspective on Performance

The Team Management Wheel lies at the heart of the Team Management Systems approach. It gives individuals, teams and leaders a vivid, easy-to-use model, showing how people work together to deliver results.

Team Management Wheel

Personal Preference and Performance

Each profile has layers of information that give individuals a deep understanding of where their personal energies lie, and how this impacts their work, their leadership style and the critical roles they play within a team.

Team Management Wheel

Take the Guesswork out of Teamwork

By understanding individual energies and preferences, you can easily build more balanced teams, fix broken teams, and accelerate and enhance the performance of those teams.

Set up a Team Development Workshop.

It's time to explore how your team members' personalities complement each other. What are your team's strengths and challenges?

Developing a team means learning about each other. Deeper knowledge means stronger relationships.

Stronger relationships produces better results.

I will walk you through the process step-by-step and you will see for yourself what an enormous difference it makes at the end of the day.

You and your team can be in the same space and I will link up with you via video. We can all be in separate locations, too, and link up via a Zoom.


A Practical Toolkit for the Whole Team

The more you know about the group, the easier it is to build and develop strong teams. The Team Management Profile offers an easy-to-use framework to help fast-track relationships and accelerate high performance. It focuses on strengths and brings a shared view of how best to work together.

People instantly start using the language and the visual models to illustrate a wide range of situations, and in only a short time:

  • Understand how they can make the best contribution;
  • Appreciate the need to work with others who operate differently;
  • Optimize diverse strengths and get energies moving; and
  • Find it easier to communicate and resolve conflict, and solve problems.

As the leader, you will guide this process and build on the experience.

A Practical Toolkit for the Whole Team
All About Managing and Leading Teams

All About Managing and Leading Teams

You may be working with a well-defined and established team, or perhaps, your team is loose or fragmented. You may be in charge of a transitory alliance, or a team that is culturally or functionally diverse.

Whatever the structure, the questions you face will be similar:

  • What does each person bring to the group that is special and different?
  • Are tasks being done by the best people? Are there any gaps?
  • How can I maximize motivation and performance?
  • How can I interact successfully with each person?
  • How do I manage the inevitable stresses and conflicts?

Let's explore your team situation.

The Team Management Systems approach gives you a framework for achieving results. It is valid across all situations because it is based on a universal model of effective and balanced team-working.

It shows how all tasks in any work situation can be described in terms of just nine key factors. This becomes a valuable business tool that helps with every aspect of planning and organization.

The role each person prefers to play on the Team Management Wheel reflects the work areas where they are most likely to help the organization succeed.

The model also helps everyone understand how key work areas fit together and critical the need is for all activities to be covered and linked together effectively.

The profiles show how to motivate and energize people by giving them a meaningful and rewarding place within the organization.

Personal development is completely aligned with a view of the whole work environment and key business goals.

Every team situation is unique.

Book a call with me and let's look at your specific team situation. There is no obligation whatsoever. Just pick a time slot that works for you.