Learning Together is the Key to Creating an Amazing Team

Learning is not an event—it's an integrated part of how great teams operate.


Can you spot the gap?

The key to improvement or personal development—call it what you like—is awareness.

It's noticing what you do now and deciding if there is a gap.

You see, we only get better at something or learn something new when we are willing to recognize the gap.

The gap is the space between where you are now and where you would like to be. The gap creates the tension that is needed for you to do something about it.

On the other hand, If you are the kind of team leader who thinks—

Hell I know it all—been there done that.

—well then, there is not much of a gap, or more precisely, not much awareness of a gap.  Therefore, there is no opportunity for learning or improvement.

If that is the case, read no further. Just go sit somewhere and count your blessings.

On the other hand, you may recognize that in a rapidly changing world, the only sustainable competitive advantage is to learn faster than the rate of change.

It begins by recognizing the gap.

You will find a list of workshops below that are included in my Mike-In-A-Box collection. These are all tools that I have used again and again when coaching teams and individuals.

They have stood the test of time. I promise you; they work.

Browse the collection and take some time to reflect on your own and your team's capabilities within each workshop. Is there room for improvement?

Can you identify a gap?

Engaging Videos

Engaging Videos

—that will keep your team captivated and eager to learn more.

Challenging Questions for Discussion

Challenging Questions for Discussion

We learn when we reflect on our experiences. The questions are designed to get you and your team thinking.


Team development does not need to be a massive event.

In fact, I am convinced that taking small steps on a regular basis is much more effective than producing a grand team building event—won't cost you an arm or a leg either.

It's quite simple really: What do you think is the most nourishing for you—to have a big feast for three days followed by six months or more of fasting? Or would you say that regular meals evenly distributed would be a better option?

It's a no brainer, right?

But if you think about it, that's often what we do when it comes to learning and development of our teams. We create an over-the-top, magnificent and off-site team building event. It's a smashing success and everyone is thrilled—

—for at least a week afterwards. And then—

—well, not much. Things seem to revert to normal.

What we need is for learning and development to become part of how we do things.

We have planning meetings, project reviews, and all that good stuff. We also get together for a couple of hours with the sole objective of learning something new together on a regular basis. Have a 3-hour team learning session once a month and you will be surprised how much that will improve performance and relationships at the end of the year.

If you absolutely want to see some serious progress, have 2-hour sessions scheduled weekly.

Why does it not happen?

One of the reasons I hear most is that the team leader does not feel comfortable in the role as the instructor or trainer. Also, that there is no budget for hiring in a professional that often.

Fair enough; I get that.

That is why I have created a bundle of workshops called Mike-In-A-Box.

How to use it is simple:

Pick a workshop that you feel will help close a gap you and your team have identified.

Watch the videos together and do the suggested discussion.

Finally, follow the instructions as to how to decide what you would like to do differently in the future.

For you as a team leader, this is definitely an easy way to deliver quality training on a regular basis with a minimum effort.


€ 275.00 / 1 Month

Top Feature

  • Thirty (30) Engaging Instruction Videos
  • Ten (10) Hours of  Instruction
  • Easy-to-follow Instructions on How to Set Up the Workshop
  • Engaging Questions for Reflection
  • 15-Day Money Back Guarantee


€ 795.00 / 12 Months

Most Popular

  • Thirty (30) Engaging Instruction Videos
  • Ten (10) Hours of  Instruction
  • Easy-to-follow Instructions on How to Set Up the Workshop
  • Engaging Questions for Reflection
  • One (1) New Course with 3–4 New Videos Added Every Month
  • Four (4) 30-minute Sessions with Mike to Set Up Workshops
  • Full Access to the Foundational Course Introduction to the Service Profit Chain