Transforming Team Managers into Team Leaders

How you lead others is directly related to how you engage with them. Boost your capacity to lead and efficiently aim towards your organization's success.


"The quality of leadership is directly correlated with engagement. Therefore, working on our leadership capacity has far-reaching consequences for our organisation’s success."

You can learn how to use your new camera by reading the manual. However, is that going to make you a great photographer?  Probably not.

I can explain to you how to ride a bicycle over the phone in 10 minutes. Will that work? Probably not.

Becoming a good leader is in the same category. You can read all the books and that may be a great start. It makes you more knowledgeable but it does not make you a great leader.  Research shows that four things need to happen in order for you to learn a complex subject like becoming a better leader: time, relevance, coaching, and practice with reflection.


It takes time to develop new ways of being, and that is essentially what this is about. I can tell you what to do in a one-day workshop. But it is only when you practice over time that you integrate new ideas and skills into your daily behaviour.


There needs to be a direct connection between what you are experiencing as a challenge at the moment and what you are learning during the training. That is what makes this relevant to you.


We don’t change anything at all just because we read about it or even if somebody tells us to. We only change when it makes sense to us. If I can see that it is meaningful for me to make a shift, I will do so. But as telling does not work, we need coaching. A coach can help you see things from new perspectives and that can often make it meaningful to try something else.

Practice with Reflection

And finally, you need to try it out. However, learning by doing only works when we combine it with thinking about what happened. Therefore, we need to move through the learning cycle experience, reflection, new understanding or information, and new plan as many times as possible.

These four elements can serves as basis to the process that you need to go through in order to improve.  With that process in place, we can then introduce you to a number of key concepts that you not only need to understand but must integrate into your day to day behaviour.

What key concepts are in the course?

  • Understanding how your own mindset shapes the way you show up in the world (and as a leader)
  • Powerful or Powerless: It’s a choice you need to make and then you need to understand how you use that choice constructively
  • Motivation and Feedback: Autonomy, development, and sense of belonging are key drivers of work motivation. Feedback is key to getting the message across.
  • Group Dynamics: Humans are a flock animals and the way we interact is governed by some basic deep-rooted principles. Once you understand how that works, you will be in a much better position to be the natural leader of the flock.
  • High-Performance Team Management: Learn how to bring these key concepts into a practical day to day way of operating.
  • The Leadership ABC: Summarize your learning and defining your next challenge. Learning never stops.

Choose your course.

There are three options you can choose when doing this course: basic self-study, tutored e-learning or intensive coaching.

This is classic e-learning mode. You watch the video and do the written reflections at your own pace.

In this version, you have three hours of on-line tutoring with Mike as you go through the course (we use Skype or Zoom).

First, we have a one-hour discussion about your situation and learning objectives. Halfway through the course, we have one more online tutoring session  to answer any questions you might have or to just go deeper in any of the subjects. And finally, when you have finished all six modules we have an hours discussion about what you have learnt and how you will apply it.

You can do this over six weeks, one module a week or over 12 weeks one module every other week.

In the intensive version, we start out by discussing your current challenges as a leader. That will help you frame the learning.

You then study the module and answer the reflection questions. After each module, we then have a 45-minute coaching session where we try and draw how the key point from that module could be applied to your current challenges as a leader.

We will continue this rhythm of:

  • Digesting new material & reflecting (in writing) on what we learned;
  • Discussing practical applications in our coaching sessions; and
  • Implementing what we are learning in incremental steps as part of solving our challenge on the job.

until we reach the end of the course.

In this version you can also choose between a 6-week or 12-week time span.

What can you expect from the course?

During the course, you will experience your progress in very tangible steps, such as:

  • Feel the pleasure of managing your own mindset;
  • Feel more balanced, in control and self-confident;
  • Experience more productive meetings and briefings;
  • Experience how your team becomes more aligned and harmonious to work with;
  • Achieve clear results and improvements as a team;
  • Experience high levels of engagement on your team; and ultimately,
  • Feel a deeper sense of joy and pride in what you do.

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